Baby Thomas!!

 We just found out…  yesterday!.. that we are pregnant!!  I’m only 5 weeks along at this point, which makes it a little scary to have everyone knowing, when there is always a chance that this baby won’t make it to the 12 week mark, but I guess the joy of sharing, and the prayers of those who care are well worth the timing!

Please pray with us, that all will go well and that in April we will be able to welcome a little girl or boy into our family!  We are so excited that we can barely stand it.  I haven’t been able to wipe the cheesy grin off my face all day!  :o)  I am feeling great right now, no morning sickness, and am praying that this pregnancy will be as easy as it is so far.
All of the congratulations and prayers we have received in such a short time already are overwhelming.  It’s amazing how babies can bring people together!
We will be definitely keeping everyone updated on our blog, so check back often!!
Thanks for going on this ride with us!  We love you all!
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