happy birthday to… me?

Yesterday was my birthday.  A day that used to be all about me (at least in my own little world it was!). But then, something funny happened since my last birthday.  I had a baby!  And well, my birthday no longer felt so special, or rather – it no longer felt especially about me.

Instead, it reminded me of the day last April that I had my baby boy and the real birth day that was!  And it made me start to think.  Why do we celebrate the birthday of a child who was born, instead of celebrating the mother who birthed him?  

Yesterday I felt more like celebrating my mom, for having me, than celebrating myself for just being born.  I now truly understand the love of a mother and life no longer is about myself…  every moment is about the child that is holding my heart.

A day that was supposed to be my day – celebrating me – becomes his day – celebrating a tooth breaking through and the joy that he brings my life – and her day – for having me, and loving me.

I love you, sweet baby Bjorn.  And I love you Mom.  Thanks for having me, and loving me.  Happy Birthday to you!

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