blog slacking…

Yes, yes…  I know.  I’ve been slacking on the blog lately.  Why?  Because I’m tired!  :o)  Really, it seems I have been focusing every spare moment I have on catching a few winks of sleep!

I am starting to feel better, more like myself…  but I am still tired, and besides that I have been doing pretty much no cooking at all lately!  (Just ask my husband…  he’s pretty sad!)  No cooking/baking = nothing fun to blog about!

Of course I could blog about pregnancy and babies and cravings and emotional breakdowns every 5 minutes, but is that really what you come here for??  Ok, maybe you come here for a little bit of that, but I’m betting that’s not what the majority of you come here to see.  If I’m wrong, please correct me and I will gladly share with you all my random crazy pregnancy thoughts!  :o)

I did make these yummy Almond Poppyseed Muffins the other day (yes, it was a craving)

But, they are not exactly what I wanted them to be and so I am not ready to share the recipe.  And since my taste buds/appetite/brain are not what they are usually, I don’t want to scrap the recipe until I can try it again at a more ‘normal’ time!  Be watching for it one of these days (months?)!

Thanks for putting up with my pregnancy slacking!  I promise that I will get back up to par…  someday!

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