starting traditions…

One of the things I am loving the most about being a mom is traditions.  Passing down old family traditions and creating new ones.

I love the classics…  like getting a new pair of pajamas every Christmas, & picking your favorite meals on your birthday.  But I especially love starting a new tradition with my children that will someday, possibly, be passed down to their children!

This year I decided to start a new birthday tradition.  Regardless of when we actually celebrate their birthdays and what they get, each child will get to pick out a special book ON their birthday (which will then be written in the cover by mom or dad commemorating the occasion)!  :o)

I have always loved books… and as we bring out our old books for our kids, it’s so neat to open them and see personal notes written to me or my husband on the inside covers!  I hope my boys enjoy that as much as we do!

So in honor of our new tradition, I took Bjørn to Costco on his birthday so that he could pick out his “birthday book”.  He carefully looked at each and every book I showed him until he finally decided on a small set of Elmo books.  He was so pleased with his selection!!

I wrote him a little love-note inside the cover of one of the books, and I hope he one day looks back at that cover and remembers how loved and cherished he truly is!

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