New Favorites challenge

 I have decided to start a challenge for myself.

(And I’m wondering if, maybe, you would like to join me?)

Do you have a stash of cookbooks that you collect, but never seem to use… like I do?

Do you always seem to stick to the same 4 or 5 blogs when you are looking for recipes or ideas?

Do you want to do something to change that?…  like I do?

I have a pretty substantial collection of cookbooks.  Some may even call it an addiction.  I can and often do (or did before I had babies and toddlers pulling on me at all times!), read them for hours and hours on end.

If you ever lose me in a bookstore, head for the cookbook section…  I can almost guarantee you will find me there!  (Unless, of course, I got sidetracked to The Birth Section on my way!)

I tend to read my cookbooks from cover to cover like a thrilling novel.  Better than a thrilling novel, actually…  drooling over the pictures & marking the recipes I want to try.  I dream about the recipes and plan out my menus for the next year.

But then I find yet another new cookbook and the first one goes on the shelf with all the others.  Soon forgotten and lost to the archives, rarely to be picked up again…

I feel bad for all those beautiful books that get ignored.  Lost to the convenience and speed of the internet. My bookshelf does not have a “search bar”…  but that does not make it any less valuable!

So, my challenge to myself is this:

Every week I will open up a different cookbook from my collection, or visit a new food blog that I have never tried before… I will spend a bit of time enjoying the book or blog and then I will make something from it.

I will bring those beautiful books out from their exile!  I will find new treasures in the blog world!

What about you?  Will you join me? 

Will you dust-off those neglected cookbooks and share your finds with me?  (You know, so I can go further feed my addiction!)

The details of this, my challenge to myself:  

*Each week I will pick a cookbook out of my collection, or a blog I have never tried something from before, and make something from it.  

*I will try to spend a bit of time (as I can…  obviously life will dictate that goal) enjoying the book or blog, not just quickly picking a recipe and moving on.  I will learn what I like (or don’t like!) and I will share those thoughts with you!  

*My plan at this point is to post my New Favorites challenge post on Tuesdays (giving me all weekend and Monday in my procrastinator world to do my task!).  That day is not set in stone.  Maybe it will change.  For now I am picking Tuesdays because Monday’s are just too painful and Tuesday comes next.  :o)  And because I like routine.  Routine is good.

I’m excited to see what I find in this search for New Favorites!

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