good reads…

I think it’s time for another list of my current favorite internet reads!

Check these out…  they’re good ones!

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In which this is their time – by Emerging Mummy

A beautiful post reminding us that our children’s ‘childhood memories’ are being made right now…  and as much as our memories affect who we are as adults, we need to remember that we are shaping the memories our tinies will have when they are adults!  WOW!

How to be the best post-partum visitor... – by There Are No Ordinary Moments

I think the title says enough as it is…  But if you need more motivation to go read it, think about this:  Most people flock to see a new baby at hours and days old – overwhelming the tired, recovering family that is trying so hard to figure out it’s new normal.

But when a few weeks have passed, routines have been somewhat established and the family is worn out and lonely…  the visitors have disappeared.  We need to change this!!!

Red and Powerful – by The Gift of Giving Life

I love this article.  I think that we need to keep this in mind with our daughters and future generations.  Becoming a woman should NEVER be something that we are ashamed of.  It should be celebrated and honored!  (I’m specifically thinking a special date-night with daddy or a shopping day with mommy!)

Katie-bird’s story – by The Blessings of Verity

Ok, this is not so much a specific “good read” as it is an amazing heart-stirring story that I just can’t seem to get enough of.   Please take a peak at her story.  Then watch this YouTube video.  And then pray.  Pray with all of your heart!

Nobody Thinks Your a Hero – by Birth Faith

This is so true for me, as it is for her.  I could have written her story myself.  The REAL reasons I chose natural childbirth for my 2nd and will also for my future children!  (Here’s a hint:  No, I’m not trying to prove something!)

The homebirth of Amelia… in Photos – found on Facebook

And this is not really a ‘read’ at all!  These birth photos are among some of the most beautiful I have ever seen.  I look through them almost ever day!  (And no, these are not graphic AT ALL.  In case you’re worried.)


I hope you are all having a beautiful week!!

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