a birthday party!

We had such a great busy weekend celebrating Bjørn’s 1st birthday with family and friends!

We had lots of pumpkin cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting (dyed orange to be a little more festive for the party!)…

and Bjørn had a blast shoving his whole cupcake into his mouth at once, and sucking on his birthday candle!

But I would have to say (and I’m sure everyone who saw it would agree!) that the highlight of Bjørn’s day was playing with his great-grandma’s walker!

Click here if you want to see a short video of his adventures!

And thanks so much to everyone who came and celebrated with us!  We love you all!!

The Story (part 1 = the beginning)

When I sat down to write Bjørn’s birth story, I had such a hard time just focusing on the day he was born.  His birth was so much more than that day to me…  and I couldn’t keep the rest of the story to myself.  So, here it is, if you’re interested!

The Story  (Part 1 = the beginning)
Where do I start?  The day he was born?  The day I started going into labor?  The day we found out we were pregnant?  It only seems to make sense to me to start back at the beginning.  When we first started dreaming about this child of ours.  We decided in the fall of 2007 that it was soon time we wanted to start trying to get pregnant, so I quit taking birth control in order to let my body get ready for this baby.  What we didn’t know was how long it would take to get pregnant, and the road we would have to journey to get there. 
For the first few months, we didn’t think much about the fact that I hadn’t gotten pregnant yet, because we knew I needed foot surgery soon and wouldn’t be able to have that if I was pregnant.  It wasn’t until after my foot surgery in February of 2008 that we started to wonder why we weren’t getting pregnant!  After a few more months, I decided to ask my doctor what was going on, and after many tests, it was determined that basically my body had ‘forgotten’ how to ovulate.  How?   Apparently because of the length of time I had been on birth control (almost 10 years!) and the fact that for the last several years I had been taking the pills continuously in the new style that is popular.  Other than that, I was perfectly healthy, which meant that I just needed a ‘jump-start’ to get my body back in order. 
That jump-start came in the form of a medication called Clomid, which is taken in a 5 day cycle beginning with the first day of your period.  I started taking the Clomid on July 11th, and we found out on August 12th that I was pregnant!  What a blessing to be pregnant after just one cycle of this medicine, as they only give you 3 chances before determining that the medicine will not work!  Our prayers were answered, and the next 9 months would prove to be a blessing and a trial as we prepared for this new life that would be joining us.
 When Andrew came home from work that Tuesday, the 12th, I was standing at the door waiting for him.  He walked in and saw the HUGE smile on my face and immediately looked down and all around on the floor and asked “Did we get another cat?!?”  (Can you tell we had somewhat given up hope on the pregnancy dream?)  My response?  Tears, and a barely whispered “we’re pregnant!”  That was the greatest feeling and such a wonderful day! 
That evening, we decided to start telling our family, and for something fun we decided to send them all a text!  “What has 10 fingers and 10 toes and is the size of an apple seed?”  We thought this would be pretty obvious, but it took most of them a while!  The responses started coming in and then we realzed my dad hadn’t responded!  My mom then soon called to tell us that he had instead gone on to Facebook and posted to the world that we were pregnant!  We were shocked!  And upset for about 2 seconds, before we realized that what’s done is done and we might as well enjoy telling everyone the news!  It turned out to be somewhat of a blessing that we didn’t have to make the decision whether or not to tell until the first trimester was over.  That would have been so hard, due to how excited we were!  And later due to how sick I got…
Right around 7 weeks was when I started to really feel sick.  August 30th, to be exact…  labor day weekend!  We drove down to Lake Cushman to spend Labor Day with some friends, and that was my first real taste of pregnancy misery.  Everyone was so patient with me, even when I ate all of the tortilla chips because that was the only food I could keep down!  I made it through the worst weeks of sickness before my first doctor’s appointment at 10 weeks along where I was told to take a combination of vitamin B6 and Unisom.  What a difference that made!  I could at least keep a little bit of food down now!  Although I did end up losing about 5 pounds during my first trimester.
I never did get back to feeling normal, as some do during their second trimester.  I had very low blood pressure throughout the pregnancy which caused a lot of faintness, dizzyness, and exhaustion.  I also struggled to sleep because I have always been a back sleeper, and could not get comfortable in any other position.  I was so ready for the pregnancy to be over, just so I could get a good hour of sleep!  Little did I know that I wouldn’t be getting that hour for several weeks or longer!  Even though the sleep now (Bjørn is almost 4 weeks old!) feels much better, it is not restful by any means.  I thought I was a light sleeper before, but that was nothing…  every noise my sweet baby makes wakes me up!
In my 16th week, on November 4th (election day – the day President Barak Obama was elected) I felt my baby move inside of me.  What an amazing feeling!  Daddy had to wait awhile longer to experience that feeling,  6 weeks longer actually!  Bjørn never was much of a kicker.  More of a mellow roller, and summersaulter!  I’m still hoping that means he will be a mellow boy as he grows up!
On November  28thwe got to find out what we were having.   Andrew and I were somewhat hoping for a girl, as we had a house-full of boy already in Navy, but God knew what was best, and we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful perfect son!  We knew immediately (that night actually!) what we would name our son.  And we didn’t have to even discuss it.  Bjørn.  A beautiful strong name for our beautiful strong boy.  We were so excited!  We didn’t decide for sure until the day he was born what his middle name would be though.  We were leaning towards Andrew (Navy’s middle name) but deicded to go with Mikael, after Andrew’s best friend, Michael.  (We did change the spelling, though, to be a bit more norwegian…)
Fast-forward about 5 more months.  Andrew went to Mexico on a mission trip April 1st -9th.  Our due date was April 17th, and since this was my first pregnancy, we were not too worried about him missing it.  I did ask for lots of prayer that this baby would wait to show up until his daddy came home… and I guess God took our prayers quite literally, as Bjørn decided to start making his appearance the day after Andrew got home!

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