favorite foodie gifts, Christmas 2013 edition

Ok, so I love doing these gift roundups for you guys.  I know it’s a little silly, but I just love sharing with you the things that I enjoy most in my kitchen!

(If I was Oprah, I would be giving you all one of each of these!!  As it is, I can only give you my thoughts.  But I still want to share!)

If any of you are still trying to figure out what to give the foodies in your life, here are some ideas for you!

(And if you have or sign up for a trial of Amazon Prime, you can get these to your door in 2-3 days.  Plenty of time for some last minute Christmas shopping!)

The very very top of my favorite things list, is my beloved Cuisinart 3-in-one Multi-Cooker.

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 10.35.38 PM

I know I’ve talked about this before, but you guys, this thing is amazing.  Not only is it a great 6qt slow cooker, it is also an electric skillet and steamer.  You know how many slow cooker recipes still want you to brown meat on the stove before you put it in the slow cooker for the day?  Well, now you can do that all in one spot.  You really can’t beat that!

The next item on my list is my beautiful, dreamy, 7 qt. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer.  It is a piece of art, really.  More than that, it is my friend.  I couldn’t work without her!

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 10.42.22 PM

And really, any Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer is a great gift.  If your loved one has a small one, upgrade them!  If they don’t have one, spoil them!!  This is my favorite classic mixer, if you don’t need a 7 qt. powerhouse.

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 10.45.48 PM

Ok, that’s enough of the big guys.  On a smaller scale, here are some more of my kitchen favorites.

This wooden pastry board (or rather, one similar to it that I have had for years!) is one of my most treasured kitchen items this year.

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 11.02.35 PM

With the constant chaos of feeding my family 24/7 (or so it seems!), I can always have a clean, ready to go workspace with this board.  I wipe off a counter, pull this beautiful board out and I am ready to go, no matter what the state of the rest of my counters.  I love it!

On a similar note, I am completely in love with my bench scrapers.

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 11.16.54 PM

If you have ever tried to clean up a flour and dough covered counter, you know what I mean when I say that it is not fun.  Flour+water=glue, right?  These bench scrapers solve that problem perfectly.  They also cut beautiful, uniform brownies and bars!

And my last favorite kitchen item this year…  is my beloved Cuisinart Hot Water & Coffee Maker.

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 11.33.04 PM

I know most everyone these days is head-over-heels for their single-serve Keurig-style machines, and I think they are fun too, but in my life, a cup of coffee at a time is just not going to cut it.  I drink my coffee by the bucket-full.

(I do have 3 little kiddos who are allergic to sleep, you know!)  

I also use my hot water every day.  Instant oatmeal, hot tea, hot chocolate…  cup-o-noodles.  I actually tossed out my hot water kettle, because this is just so much easier!

And there you go, friends!  These are a few of my favorite things (I hope that song is playing through your head like it is mine!) and last-minute gift ideas…

Now I want to hear yours!  What are some of YOUR favorite kitchen items?

*This is NOT a sponsored post.  I just love these items and want to share them with you!  I do earn a small affiliate fee if you buy these items, or any Amazon items, once you have clicked through my store.  I appreciate your support!

my favorite things: 2012 kitchen edition

I can hardly believe the Christmas season is in full-swing already!

Christmas trees are being decorated, cookies are being baked, shopping is being done…

Speaking of. How far are you on your Christmas shopping??  Still in the thick of it, looking for ideas like I am?

Well, if you’ve got a foodie on your list, I thought I would share some of my all-time favorite kitchen items with you!

These are the very first things I would replace if my house burned down.

What are your must-have kitchen items?

KitchenAid stand mixer (6qt or 7qt) – When my last KitchenAid died, I may have cried.  This is my 3rd hand in the kitchen!

BeaterBlade – I don’t know why all mixers don’t come with one of these.  Absolutely essential for efficient, effortless baking.

Le Creuset spatulas – My favorite spatulas, by far. And I love the cute crock they are stored in!

Cookie scoops – I use these for so many things…  Effortless uniform cookies.  Cupcakes.  Muffins.  Pancakes.

Microplane graters – I don’t know what I did before these!  Freshly grated parmesan cheese, lemon zest, grated fresh nutmeg…

Rimmed baking sheets – These are the only cookie sheets I ever use in my kitchen.  ‘Nuf said.

Pyrex baking dishes with lids – Pyrex are wonderful for everything.  Lids make them even better!

Le Creuset round dutch oven – Ok.  I kindof just love this for how beautiful it is.  But I also actually use it all the time!  For soups, stews, roasts, caramel corn, rice krispies treats…  just about everything!

Lodge 12″ cast iron skillet – This is my newest kitchen-love.  Every time I use it I can’t help but smile!  I feel like I have all of a sudden been transported back in time and I absolutely love it.  Plus, cast iron infuses iron into your food…  which is a VERY good thing!

Cuisinart coffee/hot water maker – We use this coffee maker multiple times a day and it is by far the best coffee maker I have ever had!  The hot water is so great for multiple bowls of oatmeal, tea, hot chocolate…  I love having both hot water and coffee at my fingertips!

These are a few of my favorite things!  (Are you singing along with me?)

Keep your eyes open for a few more of my favorite things lists coming up soon!