16 month old vocab and a new friend!

As I was telling our new favorite person (Bjørn’s very first real babysitter!) about Bjørn’s lack of speech so far, I was reminded of the few words he does say and the fact that I haven’t written them down yet!

The only ‘real’ word he says (real as in clearly and the same as you and I would say it) is:


The rest (in order of usage…):

“Da” = Dad
“Do” = Dora
“Boo-a, boo-a, boo-a” = Bua, bua, bua.
          (part of a norwegian lullabye – his bedtime song!)
“Ma” = Map
“Ba” = Backpack

and that’s about it!  Can you tell he has a slight love-affair with Dora the Explorer?

Oh, and here’s his newest friend on his very first night being babysat (by non-family).  He loved her from the beginning and cried when she left, not when we left!  :o)


Check these out!!  And please excuse the look of sheer exhaustion on Bjørn’s face…  we had a big day yesterday, and he got a new tooth!!  (#8 for those of you keeping track!)

We spent the day in the City with some good friends and my parents, and while we were there Bjørn picked up some stylin’ new Crocs!

He loves how bright they are and thinks they are toys on his feet!  I love that they are so lightweight and don’t hinder his learning-to-walk!  

And in case you couldn’t tell…  yes, orange is one of our favorite colors!