Hi!  I’m Annalise!

round smile headshot

I have 3 kids:


Bjørn is 7 years old.  I never knew what being a mom really meant until he was born, and my goodness has this journey brought me to my knees.  So much joy, and so refining, but absolutely worth every second!

Haakon is 5 years old, and this fun middle child of mine has an extra special place in my heart…  he is the happiest human being alive, and his birth at home changed my life forever!

Maren is 4, and she is my little darling.   Full of fire and passion, this girl will surely move mountains one day!

mommy and maren smiles

This is our life:

I am a foodie… with a deep passion for loving others.  Food is my love language…

If I bake for you, I love you.  That’s just all there is to it!

I spend my days taking care of my kiddos, trying to be the best mom I can be, occasionally assisting births with my fabulous midwife, spending as much time as possible in the Word, and trying to find spare time for All-The-Things.

I’m a mom, a baker, a cook & a blogger…  and now an author!

We live a very real life, and eat as much real food as possible.  Classic, beautiful comfort food is my passion and filling my family and friends with delicious treats is where I find my joy.

I believe in living a very full life of moderation.  We have our cake and eat it too…  we just don’t eat the whole thing at once.  Sharing it with friends means we don’t have to feel bad about making a different cake tomorrow!

Welcome to our little corner of the internet…  It’s so nice to meet you!