a Delightful Day with Daddy and a Deer

Andrew got to have a day off with us today, because he worked on Saturday.  It was so nice to all cuddle together in the morning and not be in any rush.  We even went for a long walk in the sunshine this afternoon, enjoying the beautiful day!   Bjorn slept peacefully in his BabyBjorn the whole time we were out…

We saw lots of salmon berries that were ready to be picked.  They sure tasted good!  And aren’t they pretty?
On our way back home, Andrew spotted a deer laying down hiding in the trees!
He was a good model, and stayed very still for us, the whole time I stood there taking his picture!
Apparently it’s hard work being carried around by your daddy!  :o)
What a great day…  I wish every day could be like this!
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