The Cookie Lady

The other day a friend introduced me to her daughter-in-law as “The Cookie Lady”.  Can I just tell you how much that warmed my heart?

You see, it wasn’t about pride or feeling like she was giving me a pat-on-the-back, but rather… My sweet Grandma, who entered heaven’s gates a few years ago, was often referred to as “The Cookie Lady”.

grandma b 1

Grandma was known and loved for her generous heart, always wanting to take care of others, and make them smile, especially by blessing them with a favorite treat… So often fresh baked cookies.

The Cookie Lady

I hardly remember a day that Grandma wasn’t baking something and she was so great at letting all of us grandkids help in the kitchen. (Goodness, I wish she was still here to ask for tips in that area… I so struggle with letting my kids in the kitchen with me!)

Yesterday I made one of her most famous cookie recipes. Untouched and unchanged, I measured and mixed and baked just as she did so often.

The card I looked at (unnecessarily, as I could make these cookies almost in my sleep!) was written in her own distinctive handwriting and pulled at my heartstrings.  I could almost feel her next to me, gently nudging me along and smiling.

I was thrilled when my family happily devoured the cookies, and some friends with distant connections to my grandma stopped by and got to have a few cookies with us.  My heart was fuller than it has been in a long time that day, and you know what?  I believe Grandma was watching all along and smiling at me from heaven.

She was a marvelous soul, my sweet grandma.  And I am honored to stumble behind in her footsteps as “The Cookie Lady”.

grandma b 2

**I am so sorry about the lack of posting lately!  I have been computer-less for several weeks, but my new one is coming this week, and I have a glorious new Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free PERFECTLY Fudgy Brownie recipe coming your way as soon as it does!**

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