The Make-Ahead Kitchen is available for Pre-Order!

If you pre-order one copy of the book and send a screen shot of your receipt to you will get the 3 bonus recipes shown below sent to you!

Bonus recipes for pre-ordering ONE copy of The Make Ahead Kitchen! | Sweet Anna's

If you pre-order 3 copies (one for you, two for gifts maybe?!  A perfect birthday, wedding, Christmas, or ‘just because’ gift!) and send a screen shot of your receipt to you will ALSO get these 2 additional recipes & an entry into a an exclusive giveaway for a fabulous gift-basket (full of some of my favorite things!) that will be given away when the book releases in June!

Additional bonus recipes for Pre-Ordering 3 copies of The Make Ahead Kitchen! | Sweet Anna's

*Also super important to note:  If you pre-order on Amazon, they guarantee your purchase to receive the lowest price.  So, if you buy it for $19.99 and the price drops to $17.99, you will get charged the lower price when the book ships!

(That’s right!  They don’t charge your card until the book actually ships! Wahoo!!!)

Love you all so much!  I wish I could hug all your necks for making this dream of mine possible!  I can’t wait to hear what you think of the cookbook when you get a copy in your hands!

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