Instant Pot Black Bean & Ham Soup

Rich, hearty, incredibly flavorful… and start to finish in under an hour?

Yep!  This delicious soup tastes like it has been simmering ALL day, and yet it’s quick and easy to throw together in a pinch!

Full of beans, veggies, ham and more flavor than you will believe can come out of a quick-cooked soup, this is a meal you need to try and SOON!

INSTANT POT Black Bean & Ham Soup! Easy, FAST and Delicious!! |

Hey friend!!  I’m so glad you’re back!  I’ve got a great recipe for you today, AND an even better kitchen MUST-HAVE!

Have you gotten your hands on an Instant Pot yet?  If you haven’t, you MUST.  It will be your new best friend!  Especially for summer, when you don’t want to heat up your house with the stove or oven on.  (OR, for summer camping…  The Instant Pot is the perfect companion for your camper!)

6qt Instant Pot

Quick Instant Pot schpiel (is that a word?!)…  It is a multi-function cooker that slow cooks, sautés, steams, warms and is a rice cooker, yogurt maker, and most importantly – a pressure cooker!  Yep, that thing Grandma used to use on her stove, only MUCH more user-friendly!

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Marshmallow Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies

Ooey, gooey, rich and chocolatey….  full of marshmallows, chocolate chips and a luscious swirl of peanut butter!  Gluten free, or gluten-FULL, you can’t go wrong with these over-the-top, but still incredibly simple, brownies!  Try them soon, you won’t regret it!

Marshmallow Peanut Butter Swirl MADE-FROM-SCRATCH Brownies! (Gluten Free OR Gluten Full!) |

Marshmallow Peanut Butter Swirl MADE-FROM-SCRATCH Brownies! (Gluten Free OR Gluten Full!) |

Hi friends!  I’m glad you stopped by on this beautiful day!  Are you a brownie fan like I am?  Are you always thinking you should try new things, but never really wanting to step away from your favorites?

Well, this is the recipe for you!  It’s everything you love about your favorite Made-From-Scratch-Brownies (Gluten Free if you’d like!), kicked up a notch with sweet marshmallows & salty peanut butter. 

A winning combination, for sure!

Want to try this simple, crowd-pleasing recipe??  Click here!

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The Best Homemade Hot Fudge Sauce Recipe

Hot fudge sundaes.

Coffee ice cream drowned in homemade hot fudge.

Strawberries dipped in warm, gooey fudge.

Spoons and finger-fulls of fudge liked clean, over and over again…

Am I making you hungry yet?

The Best Homemade Hot Fudge Sauce | Sweet Anna's

I hope so, because I have got a GEM of a recipe for you today!

This is an old recipe that I can’t believe is not on this blog already.  Trust me on this one, you NEED this in your life… and SOON!

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