24 weeks down… 16ish more to go!

Ok, ok…  I have to confess:

This is actually a 25 week belly picture, not a 24 week.

Last week was just not a week for pictures.  You would have gotten a dark, blurry, shot of me with bags under my eyes, wrinkly, toddler-stained clothes on, and a pout to rival any 3 year old’s!

But this week things are better.  And I am as close to photo-ready as possible, so here you go!

Unfortunately, my OCD side won’t let me post this as a 25 week picture.  It ruins my whole set-up and I just can’t do it.  So, pretend with me – ok?  I promise my belly looks pretty much the same as it did last week!

Oh, and here’s our corresponding fruit-baby size!  :o)  I just love this kind of stuff!!

(Except, week 20 was a cantaloupe and this week is a grapefruit?!  Since when is a grapefruit bigger than a cantaloupe??)

Again, sorry about the lack of recipes right now…  I promise I will back to my regularly-blogging self after we get back from our trip!

20 weeks down… 20ish more to go!

I just can’t believe that we’re halfway done already!

I know pregnancy is never the same as when it’s your first, but I just can’t believe how much faster each pregnancy seems to go than the one before.

I’m still processing the fact that we are having a GIRL, but I am so excited!

I think some small part of me will never fully believe it until I see her with my own eyes.

:o)  Just call me an excited skeptic, I guess!

Oh, and according to The Bump, Baby Girl is now the size of a cantaloupe…

Can you believe it?!

16 weeks down… 24ish more to go!

4ish more weeks until we get to find out if this little one is a boy or a girl!

I started feeling baby move this week, and I’ve just gotta say it…  there is nothing in the world like the little nudges of a life growing inside of you!

I look forward to this part of pregnancy so much!

As much as I love my kids and my babies, I really do not enjoy pregnancy.  (And yes, I know it’s taboo to say that.  Everyone is supposed to blissfully love pregnancy.  Don’t shoot me!)

Of course I enjoy parts of pregnancy…  and I can honestly say I enjoy labor & delivery!  (I know, I’m crazy!)

But, I don’t love the 9+ months of horrible hip pain, sleepless nights, nausea, smell sensitivities & food aversions… to name a few.

This, though…  these sweet baby nudges, this little avocado…  makes it all worth it all!

And I would (and I probably will) do it all over again someday.