beautiful brotherly bonding

aren’t they sweet? 

Here’s a glimpse of Navy’s first day meeting his brother at the hospital:
Navy:  “What are you doing?”
me (Annalise):  “I’m about to feed your brother.”
Navy:  “What does he eat?”
me:  “He drinks milk from me.”
Navy:  “Oh.”  “So THAT’S what those are for!”
(can you tell he keeps our life very entertaining?) 

Navy Comment… God and babies!

This one is quite possibly the funniest I have heard in a long time!

Scene:  Navy and I are home alone and he comes downstairs, very serious, to tell me something.
Navy – “Hey, guess what?”
me – “What?”
Navy – “God spoke to me last night.”
(remember, Navy is saying all this very seriously with a straight face.)
me – “Oh really?  What did He say?”
Navy – “We’re having a boy!”  
me – “huh!”
(dramatic pause by Navy and then a smile…)
Navy – “I’m just kidding!” 
Where does he come up with this stuff, seriously?!?  Oh and in case you couldn’t figure it out, he has been praying for a little brother every night.  If we are having a girl, it is going to take some time to get him used to that idea!!  ;o)

Navy comment of the week! #2

This one just had to be shared.  Not so much funny as incredibly sweet.

(Scene:  I am laying on the couch, miserable as always lately.)
Navy:  “I hope the baby come soon.”
Me:  “Why?”
Navy:  “So your tummy feels better!”
(There’s nothing like a comment from a 6 year old to make you feel better when you’re miserable!)