Saying More with Hershey’s this Holiday Season

“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Hershey’s KISSES Deluxe. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”

It didn’t take much for me to be excited about reviewing these fun new Hershey’s KISSES Deluxe and sharing them with you.

I knew from the description (and my long-standing love of all things Hershey’s!) that I would love them (and I do!)…  they are creamy and rich with soft milk chocolate and crispy bits surrounding a whole roasted hazelnut, everything we love about regular Hershey’s KISSES only better!

But, I was even more excited about the “Say More” campaign that Hershey’s is introducing this holiday season!

Hershey's Kisses Deluxe

We all know how wonderful technology is and how it has taken our relationships to another level.  We can easily keep in touch with friends who live on the other side of the world, and we can video chat loved ones whenever we miss their faces.  We are in almost constant ‘contact’ with everyone

But how often are we so in contact with everyone that we are really not in contact with anyone?

We share little bits of ourselves (let’s be honest – usually the best bits!) with everyone, but we don’t take the time to get down and deep with people face to face.  It’s just too easy to avoid the hard by pulling out the filters of our electronic devices.  But you know what?

The hard is good.  Because it’s real, and real is good.

Real is alive and throbbing and it’s what keeps us going.  Painful or joyful, real is living.

The knowing that we are not alone, that other people understand our struggles and our joys.  That someone feels our hurts and celebrates our triumphs.  That someone sees past the “I’m fine” of small-talk to the deeper truths lying being our practiced smiles.

The deep soul-searching gazes and heart-healing hugs that can only be handed out face to face…  those are the bits worth living for!

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love technology as much as the next person.  I absolutely love the re-kindled friendships with friends all over the country and the world, but you know what I love more?

Hugs.  Hugs and heart-filling soul-sharing words.

Saying MORE.

Hershey's Kisses Deluxe

Hershey’s wants to give one of you a box of these delicious new chocolates, so enter below.

Plan to share these special new treats with your loved ones…  and SAY MORE this holiday season!

Hershey’s KISSES Deluxe Giveaway

*I-C will randomly select fifty winners from all program entries and will handle fulfillment of the winning prizes.  (The giveaway ends December 14th!)

Hershey's KISSES Deluxe

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