why I fell in love with essential oils

You guys, I was the biggest skeptic ever.  Until now…

Why I Fell In Love With Essential Oils

I have been hearing about essential oils for years and have just been ignoring all the ‘kooks’ (yes, my friends) that use the stuff.

I dabbled here and there in the last several months…  a little clove oil (mixed with coconut oil!) on my babies’ gums when they are teething is a lifesaver.  And yes, lavender is very soothing, I give ’em that.

But beyond that, I took everything in one ear and out the other, smiling and nodding as I went.

But then, I just couldn’t ignore it anymore.  More and more people, that I know, love and trust, were telling me their stories and ‘oily testimonies’ and I finally figured I needed to really dig in and see what all the hype was about!

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essential oils – the basics

Are you ready to take the next step in living a healthier life and taking care of your family without loads of chemicals?

Are you already dabbling in essential oils, or you’ve heard enough testimonials to make you want to give them a try?

Join me!   You won’t regret it!

Getting Started with Essential Oils

Want to find out more about essential oils?  Please feel free to email me with questions!  I’m happy to help!


Click this link to become a Wholesale Distributor (fancy term for cheaper-prices, with no obligation to sell, ever!) of Young Living Essential Oils by signing up and purchasing the Premium Starter Kit.

This premium kit is worth every penny.  I am blown away by, and fall in love with, these oils a bit more every day!

Here are some links with more information to get you started (please let me know if you’d like more!):

The Basics of Essential Oils

General Summary of The Premium Kit

Essential Oils Safety Guide

If you do sign up for a wholesale membership with me, email me right away and I will give you access to our wonderful online community that is full of tips, information and helps.  I don’t know how I would have started these oils without this helpful, accessible group!

I hope you’ll give this a try, or at least contact me if you’ve got more questions about all my ramblings!

– Annalise

I will try to keep this list updated with links to my personal experiences with Young Living Essential Oils: