why I fell in love with essential oils

You guys, I was the biggest skeptic ever.  Until now…

Why I Fell In Love With Essential Oils

I have been hearing about essential oils for years and have just been ignoring all the ‘kooks’ (yes, my friends) that use the stuff.

I dabbled here and there in the last several months…  a little clove oil (mixed with coconut oil!) on my babies’ gums when they are teething is a lifesaver.  And yes, lavender is very soothing, I give ’em that.

But beyond that, I took everything in one ear and out the other, smiling and nodding as I went.

But then, I just couldn’t ignore it anymore.  More and more people, that I know, love and trust, were telling me their stories and ‘oily testimonies’ and I finally figured I needed to really dig in and see what all the hype was about!

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no effort slow cooker cleaning

I have finally figured it out!!

After years and years of soaking, scrubbing, soaking & scrubbing over and over again to get my crockpot inserts clean after particularly stuck-on messes, I finally figured out the best and easiest way to clean them.

Want me to share?

Ok, here’s what you do:

1.  Take your dirty, gross, burnt-on food crusted crockpot…

2.  leave it in the base…

3.  fill it up with hot water and a few squirts of dish soap…

4.  turn it on LOW and walk away!

Let the soapy water ‘cook’ overnight, or even for a day or more if you’ve got a really big mess (think chili that sat in the slow cooker – on – for almost 2 days!).

When you’re ready, dump out the hot water, do a quick swish with a brush or rag and your crockpot will be clean as a whistle!  (If it’s not, add more hot water and soap and just let it cook longer!)

Enjoy your clean slow cooker with no effort at all!

Does this make you as excited as it does me?  I feel like I just gained years of my life back and a whole new joy-obsession with my slow cooker!!!

And, I will be making this slow cooker steel-cut oatmeal tonight.  And not caring one bit about the burnt on bits that are pretty much inevitable!


This is a running list of tips I think you might find helpful.

(Check back often for updates!)

Questions?  Comments?  Suggestions?  Tips that I should include here??  Email me!


#1:  My slow cooker is 5 quarts.   I guess that’s not a tip, so much as a tidbit.  If yours is bigger or smaller, adjust recipes accordingly if you’d like!  (Email me if you need help on that!)

#2:  When you need to spray a dish with cooking spray:  Open the dishwasher door and set the dish on the open door.  Spray.  (All the mess stays right in the dishwasher to be cleaned with the next load!)

#3:  “Room Temperature” or “Softened” butter is butter that is soft enough to press gently and leave a good finger indent, but not soft enough to squish your finger right through.  (That made me smile…  squishing butter sounds fun.)  Too soft?  Put it back in the fridge to set up a bit before using!