37 weeks down… any time now!

Well, Baby Girl is free to come whenever she wants now!  WooHOO!!

What an amazing feeling that is!

Of course, we all know that she could very well decide to stay put for another month or even longer, and that’s ok (Hey…  I’m trying to stay positive here!) but I would sure love to see her sooner than later.

Nesting is in full-swing around these parts and it feels good.  Nesting is definitely one of my favorite parts of pregnancy.

A huge burst of energy, fueled by cleaning and organizing urges…  pretty sure my husband loves my nesting-sprees too!

I am leaving the ‘cravings‘ phase of pregnancy and entering the ‘I don’t have room for anything in my stomach and nothing really sounds good anyways‘ stage.  Not so much fun, but it does mean the end is near, so I’ll take it.

I really am bummed that I couldn’t follow through on my monthly belly pics this time around…

Things got a little too stressful for us for a while there and I just couldn’t handle one more thing.  :o(  In case you haven’t tried it before, taking self-portraits (especially with two rambunctious non-napping toddlers around!) is not any easy thing!

I am determined to at least get one final picture though, so keep an eye out for it soon.

(By the way, Baby Girl is apparently the size of a winter melon now…  Whatever that is!)

My freezer is filling up with meals and treats…

Baby clothes, diapers & mama cloth are being washed and organized…

Brothers are getting excited (and starting to think Mommy needs to go to the doctor because my belly-button looks so funny to them!)

And Mommy & Daddy are just holding our breath waiting!

Come out when you’re ready Baby Girl!  We are so excited to meet you!!

(Sorry about the slacking in blog-postings lately…  I promise I will be back to some sort of new normal eventually!  For now, thanks so much for your patience with me…  and don’t forget to look through the archives for some great recipes!!)

good reads for moms…

Here are some gems I have been stumbling across lately specifically for moms…

These all touched me in a huge way and I want to share them with you!

Your Children Want YOU! – from Power of Moms

With all the pressure these days to be the perfect “Pinterest Mom”, I loved this sweet reminder that all our kids really want is US!

Dear Moms With Littles – from Finding Joy

This was a great little note from a ‘seasoned’ mom of 7!  This time, this phase I am in (are you here with me too?) of littles, littles, and more littles, is the hardest phase of being a mom.  And we are doing a good job at it, you and I.  As hard as it feels…  that’s because it IS hard!

25 Rules for Mothers of Sons – from Team Studer

Just what it says.  And they are lovely and thought-provoking!

Spirit-Led-Parenting – on I Take Joy

“Because we know we aren’t the only ones for whom that first year of parenting turned out to be so very different than we thought it would be…” says it all in this book intro from the authors.  I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy and read this book!


In which I write a letter to you, mama – by Sara Bessey

A beautiful letter, reminding us that there is no perfect mother.  Only I am the perfect mother for my kids!


Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

mama cloth… day 5

TMI disclaimer again!  Guys, please scroll down and look at some recipes or cute baby pictures…  and if you don’t listen to me…  don’t say I didn’t warn you!  :o)

I almost can’t believe I’m saying this, but I love my mama cloth even more now on day 5!

I had to use a disposable pad the other night while I was doing laundry and I ended up getting up in the middle of the night when the dryer was done to switch back to one of my Lunapads because I was so uncomfortable.  I guess that means I am truly a convert now!  :o)

Ok, so I know what you’re really wanting to know, now that we’ve talked about the comfort factor…  How do I deal with one more load of ‘yucky’ laundry to do?!  Well, here’s the thing…  it’s really not nearly as bad as you think!

Here’s what I do:  I keep a wet-bag hanging in my bathroom (just like I have for our cloth diapers) and when I change pads I put the used one into the bag.  When I am almost out of pads (about every other day) I run a load of laundry.

In my front-loader, I do a soak with a capful or so of bac-out, then a “whitest whites” wash with a small amount of cloth-friendly detergent (I use Country Save) and then sometimes another rinse… if I feel like it.   I then throw the clean pads in the dryer on medium heat (with NO dryer sheets!) until they are dry.  And that’s it!

Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?  Even after deciding to try mama cloth, I have been nervous about the laundry part.  But it turns out I had nothing to be nervous about, and one extra load of laundry (that doesn’t have to be folded, by the way!) is so worth it for the comfort and cost-savings of cloth!