sunshine, spring cleaning, gluten-free diets and other scattered thoughts…

Well, as you can see I haven’t been doing much in the kitchen these last several days…

Wanna know why?  (Besides the usual pregnancy exhaustion/laziness?)

Spring has FINALLY come to the northwest!!!

We have had beautiful warm summery weather for the last several days and I have been enjoying every last second of it.

Mostly working on my tan while playing outside alternately with my boys and with my new favoritest toy ever.  Ever ever.  And it’s not even a kitchen gadget (shocking, I know!)

It’s a pressure washer!!

(image source)

We got a new electric pressure washer this spring since our old gas one died last year and for some reason (nesting maybe?) I asked the husband to show me how to use it a few days ago.

I was immediately hooked and have been pressure washing just about everything I can get close enough to (until my hips give out each day that is!).

Who knew that this city girl who hates to get dirty and doesn’t have much use for outside ‘stuff’ would find a new love of pressure washing stuff outside?!

It is so much fun though!

I think I figured out that it’s the instant gratification of cleaning stuff so perfectly, every little nook and cranny, without having to use chemicals or a scrub brush.  I just love seeing all the old, dirty, gross-looking stuff become brand new again right before my eyes!!

So, our backyard is getting cleaner and cleaner every day and we are getting more and more ready for summer.

I plan to take full advantage of these last few months of enjoying my big boys without a tiny newborn to take care of.

As much as I would love to be holding my sweet Baby Girl right now, I am going to enjoy this time with my boys and we will be playing like crazy ’til she gets here!

I promise I will be back in the kitchen plenty though.  Every time it rains or is too cloudy or cool for sure!  :o)

Oh and the latest tidbit I think I haven’t told you guys yet…

We have to put Bjørn, our 3 year old, on a gluten free diet (trial, for one month) to see if that will help his issues.  Mostly digestion, but other things included.  I’m sure I will have lots more to say about this soon…

As it is, I am busy researching, shopping and stressing out as I plan to start his new diet on Monday!

Please, please share any tips, tricks, favorite products, recipes, etc. – especially toddler-friendly stuff – if you have them!  

I need all the help I can get.  I am totally out of my comfort zone here!!

24 weeks down… 16ish more to go!

Ok, ok…  I have to confess:

This is actually a 25 week belly picture, not a 24 week.

Last week was just not a week for pictures.  You would have gotten a dark, blurry, shot of me with bags under my eyes, wrinkly, toddler-stained clothes on, and a pout to rival any 3 year old’s!

But this week things are better.  And I am as close to photo-ready as possible, so here you go!

Unfortunately, my OCD side won’t let me post this as a 25 week picture.  It ruins my whole set-up and I just can’t do it.  So, pretend with me – ok?  I promise my belly looks pretty much the same as it did last week!

Oh, and here’s our corresponding fruit-baby size!  :o)  I just love this kind of stuff!!

(Except, week 20 was a cantaloupe and this week is a grapefruit?!  Since when is a grapefruit bigger than a cantaloupe??)

Again, sorry about the lack of recipes right now…  I promise I will back to my regularly-blogging self after we get back from our trip!

20 weeks down… 20ish more to go!

I just can’t believe that we’re halfway done already!

I know pregnancy is never the same as when it’s your first, but I just can’t believe how much faster each pregnancy seems to go than the one before.

I’m still processing the fact that we are having a GIRL, but I am so excited!

I think some small part of me will never fully believe it until I see her with my own eyes.

:o)  Just call me an excited skeptic, I guess!

Oh, and according to The Bump, Baby Girl is now the size of a cantaloupe…

Can you believe it?!