I love rhubarb crumble

This weekend, when I stopped at our favorite little local market, I saw a huge 10-lb bag of rhubarb for sale for $10.  So, of course I had to pick one up!  Even though we just harvested our own rhubarb and already have some in the freezer!  

Then came the fun task of chopping all that rhubarb, with a colicky baby Moby’d onto me!

The first fruits of all that (very worth it!) labor?  This yummy rhubarb crumble:

And I do mean first fruits!  I couldn’t even wait until I was done chopping all the rhubarb.  As soon as I had enough, I took a break and threw this together!  If you keep my crumble mix on hand, you can get this into the oven in less than 5 minutes…  :o)
rhubarb crumble
4 cups chopped rhubarb
1/4 cup sugar (to taste)
1 Tablespoon cornstarch
2 1/2 cups of my homemade crumble topping mix (see below)
1 stick of butter, melted
Preheat the oven to 350degrees F.  In a 9×9 baking dish, mix together the rhubarb, sugar and cornstarch and set aside.  In another bowl mix together the crisp mix and butter.  Sprinkle the topping evenly over the rhubarb mixture.  Bake for 45 minutes, until the fruit is bubbling and the topping is golden brown.  Serve with vanilla ice cream or fresh whipped cream!!
crumble topping mix 
3 3/4 cups flour
5 cups packed brown sugar
2 1/2 teaspoons salt
5 teaspoons cinnamon
5 teaspoons nutmeg
5 cups rolled oats
Mix together in a large bowl and store in a tupperware container.  Make sure you stir it up well before measuring out any for a batch of crumble.

I always keep this on hand so that I can whip up a fruit crumble whenever we get a craving have fruit or berries that we need to use up!
Oh, and really… what good is a blog-post if it doesn’t include a picture of an incredibly cute baby?!  :o)

I love this little man!

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