sweet dreams!

I cannot begin to describe how completely blessed and grateful I feel today!  My colicky baby has turned a corner in his life, and we are both so much happier for it!

Don’t get me wrong… he is still a very colicky baby.  Everyday from about 2:30 to 8 in the evenings is miserable for both of us, and often times for everyone else who happens to be around…
And so Bjorn spends most of that time in his Moby, which is the only thing that keeps him calm!

But our nights have gotten oh-so-much better!

For the 3rd night in a row now, Bjorn has slept in his own crib, in his own room!  How did we go from sleepless nights of maybe 2 hour chunks of sleep at a time to an amazing 7 hours?  Well, it started with a conversation with Bjorn’s Godmother, Susie, about what worked with her daughter (who is coincidentally VERY similar to Bjorn!).  So, we swaddled him SUPER tight in this miracle blanket, put this CD on repeat – so it would play all night in his room, and put him in his own very dark room!  
I was NOT optimistic the first night, but he blew us away by sleeping an amazing 5 hour chunk!  The 2nd night, I was even less optimistic (trying not to get my hopes up)… but he slept another almost 5-hour chunk!  Yesterday we had a fun, very busy day, and he had a very colicky evening.  Needless to say, I was completely prepared for a back-track on the great sleeping.  And then he woke me up at 4:15am, after having slept an amazing 7 hours!
Can you tell I am over-joyed?!  I feel like a new person!  This morning I was able to get up, make and enjoy my morning coffee, and actually get some real food into the slow-cooker for dinner tonight!  Beef Stroganoff…  my ultimate comfort food!  :o)  
Which reminds me of the rest of our story of turn-arounds…  Our friend Sam gave us her baby swing to use with Bjorn.  He has not been impressed.  But the last few mornings (coinciding with his good sleep at nights?!) he has been enjoying, and then falling asleep in, the swing – which gives me a good 30 minutes to get stuff done!  Aaaaaahhhh…  life is GOOD!
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