homemade whipped coconut oil body butter


If I had to describe this stuff in one word, that’s what I’d use.

But fortunately, this is my blog and I can use as many words as I want to!  :o)

I’m still trying to figure out how it took me so long to do this to my beloved coconut oil?!

Gone are the days of scraping out a little bit of solid coconut oil in my too-cold bathroom in the mornings to smooth on my arms and legs (and hands, and face, and hair, and babies…).

I am in love.


Pure, sweet coconutty bliss.  My sweet smelling babies smell even sweeter, because I just can’t stop slathering them with this delicious oil!

Try it.

Try it soon.  You’ll be glad you did!

whipped coconut oil body butter


  • 2 cups coconut oil (or however much you want to whip up!)


Dump the firm (not melted) coconut oil into your stand mixer. Turn the mixer on medium and beat for 10 minutes or so until the oil is all thick and fluffy. Transfer to a mason jar or tupperware, seal and store at room temperature.



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  • Loretta E

    Seriously? It’s that easy? I need to do this. Gotta check my coconut oil stash…

    • http://arthomas.blogspot.com annaliseree

      It is absolutely that easy. And heavenly!

  • Julie

    my coconut oil IS liquified in the jar. do i need to refrigerate it first? and after whipping it, will it eventually return to a more liquefied state? it looks wonderful, but i’m not sure i have the right type of oil.

    • http://arthomas.blogspot.com annaliseree

      Yes, if your coconut oil is liquified (your house/kitchen must be warm!) then just refrigerate it until solid and then whip. And yes, store in the fridge, or in a cooler part of the house, or it will liquify again. Best part? You can rewhip it if it melts and hardens again! :o)

      • Julie

        Thank you again for sharing this amazing looking and smelling idea, I am going to try this SOON!

  • MadisonR

    This might be a really silly question but if want to make it for Christmas gift how long would you say it’s good for? I don’t want it to loose its form and for them to throw it out.

    • http://arthomas.blogspot.com annaliseree

      If you whip it and then keep it cool, or even chilled, it will last for a long time. As it comes back down to room temperature it will soften up again (just don’t let it melt in a too-warm room!)

  • Laura

    I tried this but it’s sort of really oily. Does it get thicker? Maybe I didn’t whip it long enough?

    • http://arthomas.blogspot.com annaliseree

      It should get thicker. Try refrigerating your oil first and whipping again cold. If your house is too warm, you may need to store in the fridge!

  • Madison

    Is this supposed to be a lotion? Or is it like a bath time rub

    • http://arthomas.blogspot.com annaliseree

      lotion! (hair oil, makeup remover, diaper cream, etc, etc) :o)

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  • JudeB

    Hi there

    Please can you tell me if this is any old coconut oil, or does it have to be unrefined?



  • http://twitter.com/KatiesCucina Katie Jasiewicz

    Found this via craftgossip.com! I can’t wait to make this for some of my family and friends!

  • Eco Chic Rachel

    UMM how have I never done this? This is now going to be gifts for two people and I”m making some for myself ASAP!

  • http://www.brambleberry.com/ Anne-Marie

    What a fun recipe! I’ve done Coconut with Shea Butter but never Coconut by itself.

    • Becca

      What ratio do you use? Does it come out nice & fluffy? Sounds tempting!

  • CeCe

    what about adding some essensial oil, like almond? Anybody tried?

    • http://arthomas.blogspot.com annaliseree

      Absolutely CeCe! Adding a few drops of essential oils is perfect… and you can make several smaller batches to address specific needs (lavender is very soothing, thieves is anti-viral, frankincense is anti-bacterial and healing!).

  • Reckid

    This is lovely. I added some sugar and lemon juice and made a body scrub!

    • http://arthomas.blogspot.com annaliseree

      Oh I love that idea! I’ll have to try that!!

  • http://rachie317.blogspot.com/ LuckyGirl317

    Hi! Just found this site from Pinterest! Love this idea. One question – I don’t have a stand mixer. Do you think a blender could do the same thing?

    • http://arthomas.blogspot.com annaliseree

      I don’t really think a blender would work. A hand mixer would definitely do it though!

  • Loretta E

    I finally got around to trying this and it’s amazing! Mine was a little too soft and greasy so after whipping it for 5 minutes, I put the bowl in the fridge for 5 minutes, whipped for another 5 minutes and it turned out perfectly.

    • http://arthomas.blogspot.com annaliseree

      House/oil temp definitely makes a difference! Isn’t it lovely? I just had my husband slather my back with some to help with an itchy healing sunburn. Ahhhhh….


    I properly know coconut is a natural elemant, and that cause I think this product is so good.
    but I know a better website whose made different type cosmetic from natural elemant.

  • http://www.facebook.com/millie.kattenhorn Millie Kattenhorn

    I just made some. So deliciously light and fluffy, only takes a tiny bit to cover my entire body, and since there are no additives/chemicals, FANTASTIC for my sensitive skin!!

    • http://arthomas.blogspot.com annaliseree

      Isn’t it heavenly? I use it every.sinlge.day. Lotion, hair oil, eye makeup remover, baby balm… :o) Love it!

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  • Vegan Tree Owl

    Wow! These is the best manufacturing coconut oil body butter. I love it. I am try this home. Thank for recipe.

  • jessdian2

    I tried this and in the recent warm weather it turned really soft an kind of un whipped and thenhardened again at night. I think I’ll just have to wait until cool weather to try this again.

    • http://arthomas.blogspot.com annaliseree

      Yes, it will melt if it gets too warm. You can store it in the fridge to prevent this again… or just re-whip whenever you’d like (It won’t hurt it to rewhip repeatedly!)

  • Maheshika Rathnayake

    Hi,I tried to do this body butter but maybe since I live in a tropical country ( Sri Lanka), it did not turn creamy and buttery like shown above. Feel so deprived!!!!!

    • http://arthomas.blogspot.com annaliseree

      Oh! :o( That makes me sad for you! This definitely has to be kept cool. If you refrigerate your oil first and then whip it and keep it stored in the fridge, that would probably be your only chance!

  • http://thatwinsomegirl.blogspot.com/ Amy Kelly

    I can’t wait to try this! I love using coconut oil as a moisturizer but it can be such a pain to use in it’s solid state.

    • http://arthomas.blogspot.com annaliseree

      Exactly Amy! That’s why I did this and I absolutely LOVE it!

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  • Marti Bowker

    my coconut oil has no smell, is there anything to add for a nice fragrance?

    • http://arthomas.blogspot.com annaliseree

      Hmmm… I haven’t tried it, but I’m sure you could add a few drops of essential oil when you’re whipping it! (Just not if you are going to use this as an eye makeup remover, like I do!) :)

    • Joy

      I added a touch of vanilla extract and it smells wonderful.

      • http://arthomas.blogspot.com annaliseree

        Vanilla is great! I have been using different oils in mine depending on my moods/needs… lavender of course is very soothing… frankincense if I have any blemishes that need healing… thieves if I am sick or anyone near me is sick! LOVE scenting up my coconut oil, and the essential oils are beneficial in themselves!

  • simplespy

    How long does it last ans how do you store it?

    • http://arthomas.blogspot.com annaliseree

      It lasts for months, simplespy. You will use it up long before it goes bad! (Whipping it doesn’t change its durability, so it will last as long as coconut oil usually does!)

      I store mine in a mason jar (with the reusable plastic lid) on my bathroom counter and just whip up a new batch when I run out.

  • simplespy

    Also, what type of coconut oil did you use?

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  • Mrs. K

    Can you do this with the liquid coconut oil? I am in West Africa and I have not been able to find it in the solid form.

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  • Rebecca Queen

    Hi, I know this is an older posting but hoping you might know the answer. Everyone I see that talks about coconut oil talks about the great smell. I would love to have that but the kind I buy does not smell “coconutty” can you recommend some that has that wonderful smell?