12 weeks down… 28ish more to go! [baby #3!]

I cannot believe that we are almost to the second trimester of this pregnancy!

I have seen this idea for pregnancy pictures in quite a few places on the web lately, and I just thought it looked like such a fun idea.  I am hoping to make a cute little book of these for baby when I’m done!

(click on the picture to see it bigger, if the text is too small for you!)

This pregnancy has been so different from the others.  In fact, they have all been so different from each other!

With Bjørn (baby #1), I was so sick for the first half-ish of the pregnancy.  I couldn’t even keep down water most days!

With Haakon (baby #2), I was not sick even one day!  I didn’t know I was pregnant until 10 weeks, because it was unexpected and there were no symptoms!

With this baby (baby #3), I have been sick and miserable for weeks, but no throwing up.  Just nauseous and tired with absolutely no appetite.  So, I guess just about half-way in between the other two pregnancies.

The biggest difference Hubs and I have both noticed with this pregnancy is that my brain is completely fried.  And I do mean completely.  

I can hardly remember my own name half the time, let alone my grocery list or what my husband just said on the phone.

And baking & cooking?  My goodness.  Everything has gotten 10 times harder than it used to be.  I don’t know how I even do it half the time!

Needless to say, I’m hoping this problem improves as the pregnancy progresses…  I don’t know where we’ll end up if it gets worse!  :o)

I will leave you now with a little glimpse of baby.

Oh and a fun comparison picture!

Here is the bump at 12 weeks in 3 different pregnancies.  Crazy!

Thanks for putting up with my pregnancy-ramblings!  I’m sure this won’t be the end of them!!

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