a Cookie Monster birthday cake!

We had a fun little birthday party to celebrate Bjørn’s 3rd birthday this weekend…  his birthday cake request?

Cookie Monster!

So, I took that theme as far as I could with my very limited birthday-party-planning-skills and made a dark chocolate cake with a cookie dough filling (recipe coming soon!) decorated to look like Cookie Monster.

Oh, and we had plenty of Monster Cookies to go along with it of course!

I actually surprised myself with how easy it was to decorate this cake.

I have never decorated a cake before this, and I was nervous.  Silly, maybe…  but that’s just the truth of it.

Wanna know how easy it was??

I used a classic vanilla buttercream frosting for this cake, dyed blue, for the main frosting.

(Here’s a tip:  food coloring gel works much better than liquid for getting a rich color like this…  and can easily be found at places like WalMart and craft stores in the decorating section!)

I frosted the whole cake with a thin layer like any normal cake, then I used a small star tip to pipe/pull the frosting on top into a hairy-mess!  This is the part I was most worried about and I thought would take forever.  It wasn’t bad at all!

I bought a can of black frosting pre-made to draw on the mouth and eyes, because I didn’t want to deal with black frosting.  And I made the eyes out of white chocolate candy melts piped into circles and then chilled until firm!

Oh, and what’s a Cookie Monster cake without a cookie and some crumbs!

Happy Birthday, sweet 3 year old boy!  

I’m glad you liked your Cookie Monster birthday!!

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