teddy bear waffles

*This is a sponsored post for Eggo brand waffles.  But my words and opinions are my own!*

I know, I know.  Really?  Waffles made into teddy bears??

But seriously, how cute is this little guy?!

teddy bear eggo waffles

I’m not usually a ‘cutesy-food’ kind of person.  Or rather that kind of a mom, I guess.

I don’t make smiley face pancakes, or designs with their ketchup.  But I have to admit, this was fun.  And my boys were so excited when I put these in front of them!

Almost the best breakfast reaction I have ever gotten.

(Bacon wins that prize every time.  But besides bacon, this was definitely the breakfast hit!)

Personally, I could hardly stand how cute these were.  I made myself a nutella teddy bear and man was it good.  I may have wanted to eat 3 or 4.  But I didn’t.  Maybe.

I sure got sucked into the ‘cutesy-food’ thing though!  I know I will be doing stuff like this more, now that I have seen how easy and fun it is!

My favorite part of this silly, cute little breakfast?  2 minutes from freezer/cupboard/counter to table.

It doesn’t get much better than that!

teddy bear waffles


  • 4 eggo waffles
  • 1/2 cup, or so, peanut butter or nutella
  • 1 banana
  • 1/4 cup, or so, chocolate chips


Toast the waffles, well done. Spread each one with an even layer of peanut butter or hazelnut spread.

Place 3 banana slices on each, 2 for the ears and one for the nose. Put one chocolate chip on the nose and 2 more for the eyes.

Serve to your happy kiddos!


Don’t forget to go check out the “Great Waffle-Off” on Eggo’s Facebook page to submit your own waffle-creations for the chance to win some fabulous prizes!

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