3 years already?!

I am sitting here in absolute shock typing these words.

My little boy…

My first sweet little baby.

The boy who made me “mom” is 3 years old today!

3 years ago I was in a hospital room waiting as patiently as possible to meet my little boy…  now, I can’t imagine life without him and I can hardly remember life before him!

Bjørn Mikael,

I am so blessed to be your mom.  You challenge me every single day, and your spirit brings light to my life.

Sometimes I think God gave you to me specifically to bring forward all of my insecurities, smudges, and areas that need refining.  I thought I was a pretty calm, even-keeled person…  until I had you.

I thought I was patient…  until I had you.  I thought I was strong and self-reliant…  until I had you.

You have pushed me closer to God in ways that I never could have imagined.  I need Him more now than I ever did before, and I am so glad that you have helped show me that.

Yes, we have our battles.  You are just as stubborn as I am, if not more!  We have a lot in common, you and I, and it’s such an interesting journey to experience the good and the bad of yourself in another person!

I love you so much sweet boy.  My life changed forever the day I found out you were coming.  When I saw you, and held you, for the first time, my life centered and found its purpose.

You fit, you were perfect and you were perfectly mine.

I’m sorry I struggle so much in being a mom.  I really thought this would be an easy thing for me, but boy was I wrong!  And unfortunately for you, being my firstborn, you experience the worst of my failures as I see them come to light.

But you seem to love me anyways…  And that love is why I get out of bed every morning!

Thank you for making me Mom!

Here’s a little glimpse of who you are at 3 years old:

You love to watch tv as long as you can control the remote.  You prefer the credits, previews and special features of “ddd’s” more than the actual movies!

I took you to the store this morning and let you pick out your own special birthday treats.  You wanted a maple donut for breakfast (which you ate only the top of!), some “booas” (giant easter egg marshmallows this time) for snack, and “macker cheese” for dinner.  I wasn’t surprised.  :o)

Your favorite foods are noodles with butter, goldfish crackers, “cabby patties” (hamburgers/breakfast sandwiches), “booas” (marshmallows), yogurt, toast with butter, milk, candy of course, and “peanut butter celery time!”

Oh, and popcorn!!  I can’t believe I almost forgot popcorn!  You see, we can’t even say that word around you because you absolutely flip out from excitement (and then disappointment if we’re not actually having it!).

You love to go to church and play in the nursery.  I think it’s your favorite place in the world besides “Bapa’s house”!

You are Daddy’s boy through and through.  You are never happier than when you have a tool in hand, and you often sleep with a hammer or saw at night.  You also love your gadgets…  your LeapPad or grandpa’s phone being your favorites right now!

You love Dora & Diego, Elmo & Cookie Monster…  you picked Cookie Monster for your birthday cake theme this year (we’ll see if I can actually pull that off!).

You give great hugs and kisses, when you are in the mood…  otherwise it’s “Ewww YUCK mom!  NO KISSES!”  :o)

Oh, and you insist on wearing a hood…  all. the. time.  If your shirt or jacket doesn’t have a hood, you get quite upset.  I’m not sure what you are going to do this summer!

You are growing up way too fast.

And that is all.  Slow down sweet boy.  Slow down.

I love you so much sweet boy.

Happy 1st Birthday Haakon!

One year ago today, I was holding a sweet, kissable little bundle of joy in my arms after 12+ hours of the most trying and at the same time empowering experience of my life.

You changed me, my child.  Working with you, at our own pace finding your way into this world… something powerful and formerly hidden was written on my heart.

I found strength I never knew I had.  Faith I never knew could be so deep.  And peace that I never even believed possible.

All because of you.  All because God gave me you and our journey to mold me into who I am today.

Thank you for being such a great partner in that process…  as unaware of your role as you may have been!

Happy 1st Birthday, my sweet boy!

(Please excuse the runny nose…  You are getting 3 molars right now, 
and there’s just no stopping the drip that accompanies that process!)

You are such an incredibly light in our lives…  sometimes I can hardly believe we have been so blessed to have you in our lives.

You smile.  Always.  Even when you’re miserably teething or sick, you peak out a smile now and then because you just can’t help it.

You already love to make people laugh and you are such a charmer.

I just can’t wait to see who you grow up to be!  (But don’t grow up too fast, okay?  This year went by way too quickly for me!)

We love you so much.  In fact, everyone seems to love you so much.  You definitely have the gift of bringing joy to people’s hearts!

I pray often that God will use that joy-bringing gift for His glory in you.  That you will find a way to minister through that gift you have been blessed with.

You are amazing, sweet child of mine.

We love you forever!

Mommy & Daddy

Happy Birthday, Babe!

Yesterday was My Love’s 40th birthday!!!

We had a quiet day, relaxing after our busy vacation…  and then a great dinner and visit from our good friends.

Complete with sushi, cheesecake and lots of candles!

I didn’t get a chance to post this yesterday like I wanted, but:


Thank you for being My Love and my best friend.  Thank you for being such a great husband & daddy to our boys!  

We love you so much!!!  (Forever-Ever!)

Happy Birthday!