healthy slow cooker chicken & brown rice

Sometimes I just want a crockpot meal that is simple, yet still a healthy dinner to serve my family.  Let’s face it… with their usual canned soups, simple carbs, etc. – the easiest meals are often not the healthiest.

Now, this is definitely not a fancy meal, but it is filling, delicious and healthy.  And best of all… takes minimal effort and clean up!

Feel free to switch up the veggies and meat.  This would be great with shredded beef and broccoli, or ground turkey and corn!

Healthy Slow Cooker Chicken & Brown Rice | Sweet Anna's

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  • Ashley

    Can you cook it on HIGH for shorter period of time?

  • Marci

    On hour four &not a single spec of water has been absorbed. Too late to make anything else. Pissed.

    • Marci

      *and not a single spec

  • Catherine

    I put in uncooked chicken breast! Most of the time it only takes about 4 hours in my crock pot to cook chicken so we will see how it goes! I doubled the recipe too!

  • Gabi

    Love this recipe, especially on busy nights! I end up just shredding a rotisserie chicken and it works just fine

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  • Kristen

    This is a great recipe! I’ve been dieting and this meal is a gem. It’s super easy, something that can be done relatively fast (prep), and did I mention CROCKPOT! Love it. I nixed the onion (yuck), and subbed onion powder. I also added mushrooms, my favorite! I added it into myfitnesspal (great app!) using the barcodes. For me, the recipe made 5 servings with each serving equaling 1 cup. Calories per serving is only 149!! And only 2.2 g of fat! I’ll take those numbers any day.

  • Theresa

    Ugh, I had such high hopes for this recipe.. I am going on over 4 hours & the rice is still hard & chewy.. am I supposed to be using instant brown rice or something else??? So frustrated & bummed that this dinner was a waste :(

    • annaliseree

      Oh no! I’m so sorry Theresa! Slow cookers can run at such different temperatures. If you turn it up to HIGH it should finish cooking just fine for you. The rice will cook eventually!! (I know that’s not what you want to hear!!) Next time try cooking it all on HIGH!

      • Theresa

        Dinner was a success after all! My hubby came to the rescue & suggested just what you said, switching it to HIGH worked perfectly :)

        • annaliseree

          Oh yay!! Good job husband!! ;)

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  • Alyssa Rasmussen

    How many does this serve?
    I’m looking to make this, but I need to serve about 10 people! Thanks!

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