pumpkin pie slow cooker overnight oatmeal

Easy, festive, delicious, pumpkin pie…  for breakfast!

And no, not the ‘sneak-a-piece-of-leftover-pie-while-the-kids-aren’t-looking’ kind of breakfast.  A fuel-packed oatmeal that you can happily feed your family, with little prep the night before and no work in the morning!!

How good does that sound?!

Pumpkin Pie Overnight Slow Cooker Oatmeal | Sweet Anna's

As I sit here enjoying my second bowl today (and thinking about how happily all my kids ate their breakfast this morning), I am pretty confident that you will like this one.

Unless you don’t like pumpkin, of course.  Then you might as well not bother with this one, and instead make my original overnight steel-cut oatmeal or my eggnog slow cooker oatmeal!

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