healthier delicious whole wheat banana bread

You guys, I am so excited about this banana bread!  (Ok, I know I say that a lot, but that’s because I love to share the things I’m excited about with you!)

This much-healthier banana bread is way up at the top of my list right now of favorite things!

It’s no secret that I love banana bread.  I love making it, baking it, eating it, and sharing it with others.  But my ultimate banana bread recipe is so indulgent and wonderful that I almost feel bad serving it sometimes.  It’s too good.  (And NOT so good for you!)

This banana bread on the other hand…

Healthier Whole Wheat Banana Bread | Sweet Anna's

This banana bread is the kind of treat you can serve your kids every morning if you want and not feel the least bit guilty for it.  Even when they slather it with butter, because the only fat in this bread is what you find in your greek yogurt.  That’s it!

It’s chock-full of healthy stuff.  Greek yogurt, mashed bananas, whole wheat flour, oats…  and it tastes like a cross between a thick, hearty slice of oat & wheat bread crossed with a decadent banana bread.

I’m telling you, you should make this soon.  Because we all need a healthy treat in our back pockets for those munchie (or “there’s nothing for breakfast!”) emergencies!

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fresh cranberry coffee cake

Does anybody else have extra bags of fresh cranberries sitting around from Thanksgiving?  Or do you stock up your freezer for the rest of the year, like I do?

This simple, delicious coffee cake is a perfect way to highlight fresh cranberries (as in, not dried… frozen is fine!) and spoil your family and friends at the same time.

Fresh Cranberry Coffee Cake | Sweet Anna's

Seriously, you guys, the smell alone is heavenly.

If I could make a candle that smelled like this cake, I’m pretty sure I would be a millionaire.

You be the judge!

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sour cream sugar twists – with step by step photos

posted this recipe here on Sweet Anna’s a few years ago, but I figured it was time for an update with step-by-step photos for any of you who have been hesitating in making these.

Sour Cream Sugar Twists | Sweet Anna's

For some of you, this recipe may seem a bit involved and outside of your comfort zone.  I’m here to tell you that it’s not.

And seeing as how it is my favorite Christmas cookie ever (and the same is true for many of my family members and friends!), I think you should give it a try.  You’ll be glad you did!

Sour Cream Sugar Twists - with step-by-step photos | Sweet Anna's

This cookie IS Christmas to me.  This is the treat I look forward to the most each year, and the taste and smell that floods me with the most memories.

I see my beautiful, soft, loving, sweet, always-baking Grandma.  I see her beyond cozy house packed full of family (and always a few friends!) on Christmas Eve as we celebrate Julenisse’s coming, and most importantly, Jesus’ birth.

I feel her hands on mine, and I remember the awe that I always had at her strength.

She had the strongest hands.

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easy, homemade bread maker dinner rolls

Homemade buns are one of the coziest parts of the holiday season.  Something about the yeasty warmth, the comforting aroma, the extra effort and love involved  in the making…  all embody the best parts of the holiday season.

bread-maker-dinner-rolls-textEasy, Homemade Dinner Rolls...  with the help of a bread maker! | Sweet Anna's

Most of us don’t take the time on a regular basis to make our rolls from scratch, but for the holidays, for our loved ones, we are willing to put in a bit more effort for the ‘specialness’ of the season.  For sentimentality, for memories, and tradition.

I love making homemade bread, especially for the holidays, but I just don’t often have the time, or the patience, with all these little kids running around me.  So, I am enlisting the help of my bread maker this year, for a little cheating.

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coconut black-bottom cupcakes

I have been craving these black-bottom cupcakes for weeks now.  Maybe even months.

Coconut Black Bottom Cupcakes | Sweet Anna's

Here’s the thing.  I have had black-bottom cupcakes before.  I can’t remember when, but sometime, somewhere, in my life, I had black-bottom cupcakes.

I was not impressed.

I never thought of them again, until a year or two ago, when a friend made some and I tried one (because hey, I’m not rude!) and they were actually delicious!

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